Buckingham Chair Raisers


Buckingham Bed & Chair Risers

Secured furniture risers suitable for use with wooden leg chairs, chairs with casters, and most beds — even on uneven floors. Easy to adjust using a simple “twist” action with a 3″ range and a reference gauge to ensure even height adjustment.

The risers come as a set of 4, complete with adapters included making them suitable for use with a wide variety of casters and legs.

  • Suitable for a wide range of casters and legs
  • Adapters included
  • Integrated “twist” height adjustment with over 3″ adjustable range
  • Lines on inside of barrel ensure easy height adjustment
  • Base flanges designed to allow furniture to be moved back into position after fitting of raisers

The risers allow a raise from 2″ to 5″ for furniture supported on the base of the raiser cup, and 4″ to 7″ less the height of the existing castor for divans and armchairs. Most casters are about 1.75″ in height.The risers are suitable for all traditional and modern cleaning systems.