Buckingham Pocket Easywipe Personal Hygiene Aid


Buckingham Pocket Easywipe Personal Hygiene Aid The Buckingham Pocket Easywipe is a bottom wiping aid designed to assist anyone with limited mobility with personal cleansing after using the toilet. It works very well with either flushable wipes or toilet tissue. The most compact bottom wiping device on the market, folding down to just 16cm (6 ??), x 2.5cm ( 1?) x 3.5cm (1 ??) allowing it to fit easily into your pocket or handbag Folds out to 38cm (15?) to extend your reach to clean where you can?t Designed to assist with wiping clean after using the toilet if you have difficulty reaching Fits neatly and discreetly into the attractive soft touch carry pouch (included) Releases toilet tissue after use by simply shaking the bottom wiper without any need to touch the soiled paper Take a look at the short video below showing how the Pocket Easywipe Bottom Wiping Aid works